Until 2015, I had done everything society expected of me and more. I graduated from university with honors in two different subjects, while also working as a waitress. After graduating, I worked at university as a part-time lecturer. I started my own restaurant to supplement my income. I simply said yes to the challenge, even though I had no experience as an entrepreneur.

In 2006, I lost everything I had in a divorce. I responded to this challenge by seeing it as an opportunity to start over. I became a certified trainer and coach. I started a new business in 2008 and worked as a freelance professional trainer. I trained entrepreneurs in communication, leadership and personal development. Then I started my own training agency, where I taught entrepreneurs how to create and sell training courses to their customers.In 2012 I set a goal for myself. I wanted to earn 100,000 euros in one year. A year later I achieved this goal. It doesn't make me happy. This was a turning point.

Hug your dragons

We all have the desire to be free, but we also have many dragons who want to keep us safe. These dragons are a part of us and they know us better than anyone. Have you noticed that you often do so many different things in one day, except for the things you want to do most? For example: you want to write a book. Instead, you answer every email. You do the dishes. You surf the internet.

When you work alone, your dragons take control and guide you to "safe" pursuits that do not lead to transformations. Your dragons are smart. They want to keep everything under control. They know exactly what to do to distract you from working on your dreams. In our society, distractions are everywhere, so your dragons have an easy job.

Join the community or participate in the retreat

I want to invite you to walk the road to freedom together. I assure you the journey will be more enjoyable. When you work with others, it is easier to find the humor in any situation. In addition, others can hold you accountable, which is a good strategy for dealing with your dragons.

Together we create new habits that lead to transformations. Every journey starts with a simple step. If you take this step every day, you will suddenly discover that you can walk to the end of the world. We will be cheerleaders for others, they will support you, and together we will be unstoppable.

It is my dream that together we can make this world a better place. When I look around me, sometimes I don't know where to start to make much-needed changes. If we work together, I'm sure we will find the ways. If we all use our unique talents and gifts, we create more freedom for more people.

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