Freedom for women

Travelling the road to freedom  

Welcome to the community

Join a community where women help each other free us from the dragons that chase or hold us back and find freedom in all aspects of your life.

Are you a woman?

Are you looking for more freedom in your life?

That could be anything. A new career. Work less hard. More room for creativity and freedom in your work. More energy. Better in your own skin. More success. Have a positive impact on the world around you. A solo trip. Less stuff. Living smaller. Escaping from your fixed patterns that hold you back from growing. Better relationships. Releasing toxic energy. Being creative. Tell your own truth, even though you know there will be resistance. Show your authentic self where you want. Etc. etc.

    Dragons are for example:

    Perfectionism. Fear of failure. Doubts. Procrastination. Think of worst case scenarios. The fear of being rejected. To speak out. To be visible. Overachieving. Overthinking. Underachievement. The tendency to save others. To please others. Difficulty saying no. Fear of lack. Fear of loneliness. Control freak. Lack of self confidence. Lack of self-worth. Avoidance behavior. Fear of authority. Fear of your own authority and success. Limiting beliefs. Inner critics. Addictions. Dragons that are the result of being bullied. And so on.

    Research shows that only 10% of people who learn something new actually implement the new knowledge and therefore achieve results. 10%.....

    There is another way. This is what you will learn in this community.

    You can have all the knowledge in the world at your disposal, and yet: if the dragons stay in your path, you won't feel as free (and happy!) as you could be.

    Did you know that women sometimes spend 75% of their time doubting?

    How much time, money and energy will you gain if you get past your dragons?

    The community will bring you:

    • Freedom in your inner world and in the outer world
    • Wealth whether it is a lot of money, or inner wealth, or both
    • Success, on your own terms
    • Creativity to create, and to deal with obstacles playfully
    • (Self)confidence: you know who you are and what you have to do in this life
    • Leadership: you stand by your choices, no matter what others say
    • Action: you do scary things, thanks to the support of others in the community
    • Authentic expression, in any form, anywhere.
    • Soft power, because you learn to deal with your dragons
    • Contact with your inner compass and intuition as a GPS on the way to freedom
    • Vitality because you no longer do everything based on willpower
    • Fun because you have less stress and because you share the journey with others
    • A positive impact on the world around you
    • A strong network of like-minded people who support you

    This community is unique

    The unique thing about this community is that we see the inside and outside of freedom in mutual connection. Normally this is separated. You go to training courses or (business) coaches for the outside of freedom (more financial freedom, for example) and spiritual teachers for inner freedom. Here you get both, and they are connected.

    The road map to freedom

    The community consists of online and live meetings. I facilitate the meetings and create a structure. To that end, I share my 'road map to freedom.' This road map is a reflection tool that you can fill with your own experiences, insights, and actions. It offers a common language that allows us to communicate better with each other and help each other take the next steps.

    There are five circles:

    • the dragons who are the gatekeepers to freedom on the outside
    • the outside of freedom: money, visibility, expression etc.
    • the dragons who are the gatekeepers to freedom on the inside
    • the inside of freedom: creativity, intuition, introspection etc.
    • the connection with the bigger picture, in which you give and receive

    "Behind your biggest dragon is your biggest treasure" (Ellen)

    These are the biggest pitfalls 

    This community is only for women, because we recognize each other's dragons and can therefore work together more effectively. We need a safe place, separate from the dominant culture, where we can find and share our own truth. Here we can grow, and conquer the world together with our new strength.

    Practical information

    Who is this community for? This community is for people who identify as women or are gender neutral. You are also a woman who wants to make a positive contribution to the group; maybe even the world. In addition, it is good if you try to take as much responsibility as possible for your own dragons, and not project them onto others (or politicians, or the media).

    Who is this community not for? For your own well-being, it is better not to participate if you have recently experienced a traumatic event, if you are looking for a solution for old traumas, or if you suffer from anxiety disorders. This is not therapy. We will definitely get started with dragons, but only if these dragons are set in the present. Of course you can participate in the community as a supplement to therapy. If you are hesitant about this, please contact me first.

    What do we do in the community?

    There are two activities per week:
    1. An online live session in which we discuss the topics and challenges that are central to this month in an interactive and creative way and take steps.
    2. An online live session in which we come together, create together, and encourage each other to take action, whether that is in your own project, a joint project, or a drawing because you feel like it today.

    There is also a session every month with a hot seat and intervision. In the hot seat I coach a participant where the other participants can watch. You will see that everyone learns from this. An intervision will then take place.

    The sessions will take place alternately during the day and in the evening so that everyone can participate live as much as possible. The sessions will also be recorded (where possible). You will have access to the recordings as long as you are a member of the community.

    Where do we do that? The community is mostly online, so you can participate from your own computer, wherever it is. You log in to a platform that is specially designed to facilitate communities: Mighty Networks. We have our own closed place there. Here we are free to share things, without advertising, without companies peeking in. There is room in the community for online learning and exchange. It is a safe place where we can be ourselves and grow together.

    When do we do that?
    You can join the community three times a year: in October, February and June. If you register now, you will receive free lessons and meetings between your registration and the start of the community. You will then be a member for 12 months and have access to all lessons, inspiration, and opportunities to exchange with other participants.

    How much time do you need? Compare it with training to learn a musical instrument, or yoga. You will get better results if you set aside an hour for lessons two or three times a week. In addition, it is good to consciously work on freedom every day. This can be done by participating in the challenges offered in the community. Or by taking a small step every day towards freedom, in whatever form. You will get even more results if you share with other people in the community. This is where the material really comes to life and you achieve real transformations.

    What makes the community so special?
    That's because we bring together topics that are normally offered separately. It's about learning and exchanging. Alone and together. Own goals and collective goals. Creativity and purposefulness. Rational strategy and intuition. Fear (dragons) and trust. Left and right brain hemisphere. Introspection and action. It's about balancing our masculine sides (expression, goals, strategy, thinking) and our feminine sides (feeling, creativity, intuition) with our dragons. The magic starts when we make these parts work together.

    Why is it important to get in now?
    That's because the dragons are big and urgent and we save more time, money and energy the sooner we start talking to them. Moreover: the community is in its infancy. That is precisely a reason to get in now. If you participate from the start, you have a lot of influence on what the community will look like. So there is no autopilot whatsoever. That too is freedom. Also important: the price is lower at the beginning than if you join later.

    What is the investment?
    I'll tell you that in a conversation. There are different prices for different entry points. If you would like to know the price, if you would like to register, or if you would like more information first, please contact me via the pink buttons. I invite you for a conversation by phone or Zoom. This conversation is free coaching. Plus, I'll answer any questions you have about the community. You are not committed to anything yet, so do not hesitate to contact us! I look forward to speaking to you.

    * Register quickly for a free consultation, and I will also tell you about the early bird discounts and bonuses you will receive if you register now

    Who is Ellen? 

    I am a certified coach and trainer with more than thirty years of didactic experience, both live and online. I have been self-employed since I was 25. I have a lot of experience in building and maintaining communities, such as in my own restaurant that I had until 2004, in classrooms (history teacher at the university), in online groups, and in Tarifa with the organization of Tertulia meetings. I like to connect people and get the conversation going, because it makes life more interesting, and because there is already too much polarization.

    In 2015 I was a successful business coach with a 6-figure business, but I was unhappy. Ever since I stepped into the unknown and went on a solo trip in my campervan, I have been on a journey to freedom.

    Now I'm an artist with a book, a performance, and a ukulele. I like dancing, theater, and animals. I live in nature and I am a minimalist with few things. I think about things a lot and love to share my lessons with others. I have already appeared in more than 15 newspapers and magazines in the Netherlands. I like to take courageous steps, and if I am afraid of something, I do it, because I know that it matters, that my heart is in it.

    I am a seeker. I want to know what freedom is and how it works, and I won't stop searching until I can explain it in five sentences. I am an idealist because I often do not agree with the world I live in and I have the desire to contribute to a better world.

    Every day I write in my diary. With this I freed myself from old dragons, and thus I discovered who I am and what my vision is on life. For seven years I have been working on my road map to freedom. I want to share this with you. Together we make the route even more beautiful.

    If you have any questions, please make an appointment via the button below. Looking forward to speaking to you!

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